Biggin Hill Airport Dispersal Hut

Biggin Hill Airport in Bromley is the historic Royal Air Force aerodrome which was in use from 1917 until1959. Of all the buildings in the former RAF aerodrome, the Dispersal Hut and Chapel are the most closely associated with the Battle of Britain, “the defining aerial battle fought in July to October 1940 in resistance to Hitler’s drive to occupy Western Europe.” In the Battle, RAF Biggin Hill played a key role. 

Though of high historical and social significance, the temporary prefabricated Dispersal Hut was left unused and had therefore fallen into a severe state of disrepair. 

MFA were commissioned to carry out a condition survey and prepare a full schedule of works for pricing for its repair as well as potential dismantling and relocation. Options explored included in situ repair and site stabilisation as well as full dismantling, repair and re-erection at an alternative publicly accessible location as part of a community engagement project. 

While the dispersal hut is not listed, Historic England were very interested in the project due to its context within the Biggin Hill RAF archaeological site. 

Project Profile available for print and download here